Basic LightningROD™ Reader- “The Stick”


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    • Has the Original Vibrating Handle feel each tag read
    • Audible Beep and Flashing Red Light with each tag read
    • ISO 11784-11785 Compliant
    • Reads all FDX and HDX tags on the market
    • Reads HDX tags with 43cm range and FDX with 33 cm range
    • Green Power Light signifies charged battery
    • Blue Link Light for Bluetooth Link
    • 90 minute Fast-Charge Battery
    • Long continuous read-time with 15 hours of battery durability
    • Bluetooth Link and Relink automatically when back in range
    • Bluetooth compatible with Android Cell phones
    • Now, Up to 4000 unique tags can be stored on the reader
    • IP65 Water Resistant for working in rain and snow
    • Reads Beef Cattle Alligators, and Penguins
    • Tough Carbon Fiber – Fiberglass Wand
    • Optional Sustained Read – Push Button
    • One Year Warranty
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