WLIC's DNA Fair Program

  Exhibitors showing at County only and/or County & Wisconsin State Fair (WSF) for DNA required:

  • If your County requires and collects DNA samples, and uses WLIC for this service, these samples are still eligible for WSF. (One DNA kit per animal for both and the DNA kit needs to be submitted to WLIC to be considered eligible at the county level and WSF.)
  • WLIC will share all DNA samples received with WSF for exhibitors showing at the state fair.

Exhibitors showing ONLY at WSF: Since WSF requires DNA hair samples, please contact the state fair office directly for more information.

Tag ID/DNA Program Introduction


The ID Fair Program started in 2007 as a youth outreach program. Today the WLIC ID/DNA program offers county fairs the opportunity to teach youth showing livestock the technology of the new RFID tags for livestock - providing both the RFID tags and stick-reader to use as part of the State Fair's weigh-in, and then as a part of State Fair entry day check-in. In addition, the use of the new DNA TSU sample collection allows for a more accurate read and consistent sample.

In 2018, WLIC changed the DNA component of the fair program from a hair sample to a tissue sample. Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs) provides a way to ensure the animal that exhibitors brought to the first weigh-in, was the same animal brought to show at the County and/or State Fair. This was especially important for the livestock auction, as the grand champions often brought in large sums of money. As DNA technology is advancing, the decision was made to switch to TSUs due to the inconsistency of samples from exhibitors and few labs still willing to process hair samples. TSUs will minimize, if not eliminate, inaccurate reads and allows exhibitors to collect samples in a more humane manner.

As part of  the youth program, and for those counties that handle the program within the county, WLIC offers discounted RFID ear tags to county fairs for beef, swine and sheep, and offers a free loan of the stick-readers (needed to read the tags) if the county does not have one.

WLIC also provides the complimentary service of formatting the county fair files to load onto the stick-reader, and provides training on the LightingRod and Herd Mangement software program to counties for their use during the fair check-in.

Call 888.808.1910 ext. 3684 to place your DNA Vial, DNA Kit, and/or Tag orders through WLIC.

**BEFORE YOU ORDER** Check with your County's Livestock Committee of program requirements (DNA Vial, DNA Kit, and/or Tag) BEFORE ordering.

- A $5 restocking fee will be applied to all orders that are returned.

- Stickreaders can be rented by Counties only for a $20 fee. Please contact Deb Kieffer to make rental arrangements at dkieffer@wiid.org or 888.808.1910 ext. 3684

DNA/Tag Order Information

To order your DNA and ID supplies for your County Fair, please follow the steps below:


Option 1 - Submit your request online

Note, online request form will require payment with credit/debit card using our secure e-commerce site. Once submitting the online form, please allow five to seven days for WLIC to process your request. Replacement Ear Tags cannot be ordered online.

Option 2 - Submit your request via the paper form

If you don't wish to use the online portal, please download the paper form and submit to the WLIC office as per the instructions on the form, including payment. Please note, the paper forms will take up to two weeks longer to process.

To Request a Replacement Ear Tag...


Replacement Ear Tag Instructions and Request Form

Call 888.808.1910 ext. 3684 to place your DNA Vial, DNA Kit, and/or Tag orders through WLIC.
DNA/Tag Orders
Important items to note:
  • WLIC will mail DNA kits and sample vials within five to seven days after receipt and payment of order. Once you receive your kit, you must collect the DNA tissue sample per instructions.
  • Please return both the DNA Documentation Form and DNA sample vial to WLIC via mail, following the instructions included in the kit.
  • RFID tag-only orders will be processed and mailed within five to seven days.
  • Please check with your individual county to verify participation in the DNA Program for State and County Fairs.
  • All DNA received by WLIC will be stored in a secure and locked location. DNA comparisons will be requested through WLIC and WLIC will send all samples to the lab for testing.

Contact WLIC with any questions – info@wiid.org – 888.808.1910.