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Coronavirus Still a Threat to Livestock Markets
UW-Madison Researchers Lead Efforts to Understand, Thwart New Coronavirus
Wisconsin Assembly and Senate Committees Hear Testimony on Animal ID Bill
Deer Tests Positive for CWD in Marathon County
Governor Unveils Plan to Tackle WI Farm Crisis
Agriculture Industry Praises Senate Passage of USMCA
Brighter Days Ahead for U.S. Beef Exports
SD State Vet Says New Timeline for USDA RFID Proposal

Happy New Year from WLIC!
Merry Christmas from WLIC!
Canada, Mexico, U.S. Sign Changes to New NAFTA
Japan Puts Final Stamp of Approval on U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement for Beef
Deer Tests Positive For Chronic Wasting Disease In Western WI
FAD Tabletop Exercise Provides Reality Check for Swine Industry
SHIC Funds Research on Unusual Strep Outbreak in Pigs
Modernizing Animal Disease Traceability Will Continue
USDA Abruptly Halts Animal ID Plan
Research Brief: Could ASF Make its Way into the U.S.?
A Terrible Pandemic is Killing Pigs Around the World, and U.S. Pork Producers Fear They Could be Hit Next
Johnson Calls Small Dairy Farms a WI Tradition
Secretary Purdue Talks Trade, Markets at World Dairy Expo
NASS: WI Eggs Up From 2018
Pfaff Names Dr. Darlene Konkle Wisconsin State Veterinarian
Ratify USMCA, Protect U.S. From Foreign Disease
Farm Bill Funding Supports Animal Disease Prevention and Management
Begin Transition to RFID Ear Tags Now
Incidence of BVD Persistently Infected Cattle Doubles
Will Disease Traceability Work? Yes, If It's Producer Driven
Farmers Fight to Save Their Land as Trade War Intensifies
Premises ID - Deadline Is Here
Most Kentucky Cattle to Require RFID Tags by 2023
Value of Dairy Exports Highest in Four Years
Biosecurity Training Needs To Be On-Going
Producer Council Recommends Data Needs for Federal Animal ID Reporting, Privacy
Tough Decisions: Animal Mortality Disposal During a Disease Outbreak
USDA Resources Help with Crop Losses, Dairy Prices
Group Applauds Innovation Hub Inclusion in Budget
Dairy Groups Concerned with Latest Trade Tariffs Placed on Mexico
China to Start ASF Vaccine Clinical Trials, Experts Share Caution
A New Era of Cattle Identification on the Horizon
USDA Takes New Action to Prevent African Swine Fever
Vaccine for African Swine Fever May Save Our Bacon
WI Response to Bovine TB Outbreak
A Vicious, Untreatable Killer Leaves China Guessing
Consideration When Deciding Priorities for 2019-2021 Wisconsin Budget
2019 Pork Expo Cancelled
Researchers Analyze Risk for ASF Introduction into the U.S. Via Airports
Stocker ID Update
Pork Board Pilots Blockchain Technology Use in Pork Industry
FMD: USDA's Efforts to Prepare for a Potential Outbreak Could Be Strengthened
USDA Takes Additional Action to Prevent African Swine Fever Spread
Pork Task Force Prioritizes Tactics to Keep African Swine Fever Out
Hunters Say It's Not a 'Zombie Disease,' But They are Worried About Deer Illness
First U.S. Beef Shipment Traced Through Blockchain to Taiwan
Mad Cow Disease Identified on Poland Farm
New Algorithm Predicts PEDv Outbreaks in Swine
Bovine Tuberculosis, Transmittable to Humans, Found in Southeast North Dakota Beef Herd
National Swine Disease Council to Focus on Rapid FAD Response
IDALS Works to Prepare for Potential African Swine Fever Outbreak
Antibiotic-Free Production Puts Pigs at Extreme Disease Risk

Happy New Year from WLIC!
Merry Christmas from WLIC!
FMD Bank in Farm Bill is Big Win for Livestock Industry
JBS Increases Beef Recall to 12 Million lb.; 246 People Become Sick
2018 Farm Bill Agreement Reached
CattleTrace Participants Meet with USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach
Livestock Groups Weigh-In on Farm Bill Fate
Momentum Building for Cattle Traceability
Wisconsin DATCP Confirms Bovine Tuberculosis in Dane County Dairy Herd
TB, African Swine Fever and Newcastle Are Big Health Concerns
Secure Pork Supply Helps Producers Prepare for Disease Outbreak
Three Global Disease Pressures Impacting Livestock Producers 
One Step Closer to National Traceability System
USDA Outlines Next Steps for Advancing Animal Disease Traceability
China Reports FMD, Culls 47 Cattle
WLIC's NEW CoreOne System
Increasing Chinese Market Access for Small and Medium-Sized Holstein Beef Producers
Happy Labor Day 2018!
Traceability: From Gate to Plate
Enhancement Ideas Animal Disease Traceability Framework
How the Wisconsin Division of Animal Health Protects the Livestock Industry
Cattle ID and Traceability
Is the U.S. Cattle Business at risk for FMD?
Bovine Viral Dilemma

Kansas Announce CattleTrace Pilot Program for Disease Traceability

Celebrate June is Dairy Month!
How prepared is Wisconsin to deal with foot-and-mouth disease?
Thank you Veterans!
Wisconsin State Fair DNA Commercial Breeding Stock Deadline June 6

NIAA Conference Discusses Traceability in Exports

WLIC's DNA Fair Program Deadlines Coming Soon
Governor Signs Senate Bill 667
Wisconsin Dairy Traceability Symposium
Introducing...the New WLIC Website With Online Store
Notice of WLIC ByLaw Change Vote - March 22, 2018 Annual Meeting
Meet the 2018 WLIC Board of Directors Nominees

WLIC Annual Member Meeting March 22nd!

Vist WLIC at Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association Annual Winter Conference
WLIC Memberships Keep Us Growing
New Year, New Look

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