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Under the new farm bill, USDA will be able to use $150 million over the next five years to prepare for a foreign animal disease outbreak.

The 2018 Farm Bill quickly and easily crossed its first hurdle today as the Senate approved the measure on an 87 to 13 vote a day after the final conference report was made public.
A local government in central Japan said Wednesday a hog cholera infection has been found at a public research institute — the third such case since the first outbreak in decades in Japan was reported earlier this year. The latest case in the city of Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, follows the first swine fever infection since 1992 reported at a pig farm in September and another at a public livestock center park in November, both in the city of Gifu.
Approximately 40 beef industry leaders who are participating in the CattleTrace disease traceability pilot project met with USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach to discuss next steps for the pilot project and disease traceability across the country. ( Kansas State University )
Due to a recent confirmation of bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) in a Dane County dairy farm the department will be testing wild white-tailed deer for the disease. To date, bovine TB has not been identified in wild, free-ranging animals in Wisconsin.