Patrick Fitzgibbons

Patrick Fitzgibbons brings a wealth of industry experience to WLIC as well as strong industry relationships with producers and agri-businesses. Most recently he was the Cattle Procurement Manager at Cargill, Milwaukee, Wis., orchestrating the multi-site procurement of cattle from producers and brings extensive experience in strategic planning and business analysis. An industry leader, he formerly served as Vice-President on the WLIC Board of Directors.

In his new role, Fitzgibbons will lead WLIC in the strategic planning and management of Wisconsin’s premise ID registrations and animal tracking programs. He will be responsible for developing innovative initiatives and cultivating relationships with industry stakeholders and producers to promote the value and importance of identification and traceability. As Executive Director, Fitzgibbons will oversee the responsibilities of WLIC Management and work closely with DATCP and state veterinarians to ensure a quick response to disease outbreaks.

Executive Director