2016 State Fair DNA Sample Deadlines

The Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) will again be handling all DNA and RFID Tag Identification for the Wisconsin State Fair Market Beef, Swine and Sheep competitions.  All correspondence, distribution and documentation of the State Fair DNA and RFID Tag Identification is being handled by WLIC.  2016 Wisconsin State Fair specific species postmark deadlines for the verification process are:

2016 Wisconsin State Fair DNA and RFID Identification deadlines:

Beef - postmarked by February 8th, 2016

Swine - postmarked by May 9th, 2016

Sheep - postmarked by May 9th, 2016

To start the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair DNA and RFID Identification process please go to the WLIC website at www.wiid.org to request your identification supplies.  The ordering, payment and sample submission process takes time so please plan your timeline accordingly as all final verification must be postmarked by the dates listed above for Wisconsin State Fair.

If your county Fair is also involved in a WLIC DNA or RFID Identification program please communicate with your county leaders or WLIC on your potential interest meeting State Fair identification eligibility and find out if there are any specific requirements, dates and procedures to submit samples.  Wisconsin State Fair will not accept any DNA programs which do not specifically involve WLIC.

Please read the Hair Sample Collection Instruction sheet thoroughly  as samples not submitted correctly may result in a mismatch and/or animal disqualification.

Most requests submitted to WLIC for supplies are processed and filled within 48 hours of arrival at our office.  If you do not receive supplies, a receipt or other verification within a few days of submission please contact us to confirm receipt of form and payment. 

For additional Wisconsin State Fair entry information please visit their website at:

http://wistatefair.com/competitions/junior-livestock/ or email  entryoffice@wistatefair.com .