National Efforts

On February 4th, 2010 USDA changed the direction of the National program by focussing USDA efforts solely on disease traceability for interstate movement. USDA laid out several principles with the main principle being that implementation will take place at the state level.

The original USDA effort identified as the National Animal Identification System NAIS is no longer in place, however components used by various disease programs such as the premises registration, Animal ID devices using 840 numbers continue to be available to each individual state for use.

During 2010, USDA has conducted local meetings to explain the new program and seek input from livestock producers and animal health officials on the Animal Disease Traceability Framework. In August a meeting was conducted in Madison that drew close to 100 people.

For more information about USDA's efforts to improve disease traceability click here.

Denver Traceability MeetingIndustry Recommendations

Since the recent changes by USDA, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture together with the US Animal Health Association co hosted the Joint Strategy on Animal Disease Traceability. The meeting took place August 2010 in Denver Colorado and drew 150 individuals from all over the US and included several of the WLIC members. Input was provided to USDA in the form of a white paper.

To read results from this national meeting please visit the following website