Animal ID General Information

As a resource in implementing a national disease traceability system, following nationally established standards, the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is working to integrate a system throughout all segments of the Wisconsin livestock industry. 

Registering more premises than any other state, Wisconsin livestock producers have demonstrated understanding of the need for an animal disease traceability system. Building on the success of mandatory premises registration, WLIC will continue to promote and implement the next steps: voluntary animal identification and voluntary animal tracing.  By participating in voluntary animal identification, livestock owners and producers will help manage animal disease outbreaks, should they occur. 

The program:

  • With a premises registration system already in place, the next step is to record individual animal identification and animal movements.
  •  To achieve effective disease traceability, only certain animals need a unique identifier.
  • Producers and animal health officials recommend livestock that do not leave the farm or those raised for home or local consumption would not need a unique identifier for disease traceability purposes.
  • Partnering with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and industry organizations, WLIC has created a voluntary program to implement animal identification and animal tracing.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released official Animal Identification Numbers (AIN). Multiple companies manufacture and distribute approved animal identification devices for incorporation into current livestock management practices.
  • Producers can decide which identification devices fit the needs of their operation and the best time to apply the devices to their animals (ID at birth, time of vaccination, or at the time the animal leaves the operation).



  • The livestock industry will be closer to the goal of 48-hour trace back in the event of an animal disease outbreak.
  • The effort will help protect the animal industry and consumer confidence.
  • Animal identification provides the knowledge of where an animal has been throughout its life and which animals were commingled.
  • This information will assist animal health officials in locating and containing the infected and exposed animals in the event of animal disease outbreaks.
  • Tracing animals through the system will reduce the economic and emotional impact associated with disease outbreaks.


Click Here to download a PDF handout on Animal ID

Click Here to download a PDF handout on Animal Tracing


For more information regarding the voluntary animal ID program, contact us at:

          Phone: 1-888-808-1910