DNA Program

County Fair DNA Program

To order your DNA and ID supplies for State Fair or your county fair follow the steps below:

  1. Print out and completely fill in the Request Form found below. Write check for total amount. Send full payment and Request Form to:
    ID/DNA Program
    135 Enterprise Dr
    Suite ID
    Verona, WI 53593
  2. Collect DNA hair sample as instructions dictate. Fill out Registration Form. Return Registration Form and DNA sample envelope to your county office or WLIC.
  3. Once samples arrive WLIC will log them in and ship them to Animal ID, INC for storage. WLIC will send confirmation of sample receipt to the counties.
  4. DNA comparisons will be requested through WLIC. Once ordered and paid for WLIC will send DNA Comparison envelopes out. These envelopes with hair samples will then be sent to WLIC and forwarded to lab for comparison.

Click Here for DNA Request Form

Click Here for Replacement Ear Tag Form

Click Here for Ear Tag placement guidelines

Click Here for List of Counties Participating in Program. Please check with your individual county to verify participation in the DNA Program for State and County Fairs.

Wisconsin State Fair DNA/RFID identification deadlines (postmarked by):

Beef: Tuesday - February 13, 2018

Sheep: Tuesday - May 8, 2018

Swine: Tuesday - May 8, 2018

Breeding Stock: Wednesday - June 6, 2018

More information about these deadlines can be found HERE. Please check with your local county for County Fair deadlines.

NEW: Wisconsin State Fair Junior Breeding Show Ownership and Managerial Rules Updated. Click Here for more information.

Questions contact WLIC – helpdesk@wiid.org – 888.808.1910