County Fair Program

In 2008, the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) started a cooperative effort with 10 county fairs throughout the state to conduct identification implementation projects. Since 2008 the program has grown to 25 county fairs including state fair.

County FairCounty fair and youth involvement is important.

Through these implementation projects, youth and producer groups, fair participants and local producers have seen first-hand the ID technology effectively implemented at county fairs. These projects showcase the benefits the ID technology provides for the management practices of each fair. In addition, WLIC has been able to demonstrate how the ID system allows the industry to meet important disease traceability needs.

Tagging the AnimalsThese projects offer an opportunity for your fair to utilize the identification system and technology during animal check-in. Particpating fairs used approved official ID devices customized for each livestock species. Working together with the fair staff we were able to integrate the electronic data collected with fair management software. WLIC provided the ID devices and a RFID reader to each fair. At fair time WLIC staff assisted with training and answered questions about the data collection equipment and software.

Reading Sheep


Let's teach the next generation.
Your fair can help to introduce the next generation of livestock owners to the animal ID system and technology. Teaching the proper techniques and showcasing the results and benefits of animal ID to 4-H and FFA members will ensure the next generation is properly equipped to utilize the system and technology on their own operations in conjunction with their management programs. And, as a participant, you can use the same ID technology that livestock producers around the state and country are incorporating into their operations.


County Fair SteersYour county can be a leader.
Is your county fair ready for new technology? You could be among the first in the country to incorporate an animal ID system and technology into your check-in procedures.


For more information please contact WLIC at 888-808-1910 or email