About WLIC

Wisconsin Dairy Farm

Partnership to Protect & Promote Wisconsin

WLIC was established as a statewide initiative to develop a livestock identification and information system to protect animal health and market access.

WLIC's Vision


The Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) will implement an animal identification and information system following nationally established standards. This will support the protection of animal health by fostering cooperation and understanding.

Why move forward on these efforts?
  • Our livestock industry is important to the economic well being of Wisconsin.
  • WLIC members understand that a state database of locations where livestock are produced, raised, and kept will aid animal health officials.
  • A state system with proper trace back and trace forward capabilities provides timely response to minimize the economic impact in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

Disease traceability is a multi-phase process. It begins with registration of any premises where livestock are raised, marketed, processed, or held for any period of time. This registration is the vital first phase in developing the trace back system. WLIC has established a premises registration program and is offering free registration.r

WLIC's Mission

WLIC's mission is to create a secure, nationally compatible livestock identification system for the purposes of protecting animal health, safeguarding market access, and offering opportunities to enhance the marketability of Wisconsin livestock products.


  • 72,246 Premises Registered

  • 60,869 Active Premises
  • 36,166 Premises Renewed in 2016
  • >4.6 million Animal ID tags recorded
  • >1.9 million Tags traceable from Farm of Origin
  • >127,670 tags traceable back from Farm to Processor
  • >2.4 million RFID Tags recorded
  • 29 County Fairs and WI State Fair used RFID Tags for Beef/Swine/Sheep & Goats in 2015
  • 15 County Fairs and State Fair used DNA samples for animal identification in 2015
  • 6,247 DNA Samples recorded for County fairs and WI State Fair seasons since 2014 by WLIC